The tScheme Board

The board consists of fourteen elected directors from candidates nominated by all of the Member organisations, plus the Chief Executive as ex officio board member. Of these fourteen elected seats, in accordance with the Rules three are currently reserved for co-opted directors, including individuals representing user groups and trust service customer interests; plus, Her Majesty's Government is invited to nominate a representative and a deputy representative to sit on the board as observers, but who cannot vote on any resolutions put before the board.

The tScheme Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected by the new board at its first meeting.

Five board members retire each year by rotation as defined in the Rules, and their seats are contested by a vote of the whole membership. The successful candidates take their seats in May immediately following the AGM, at which the retiring board members stand down.


The tScheme Secretariat

The Secretariat is the term used to cover the permanent employees of tScheme Limited plus external experts engaged from time to time, for example to serve on expert working groups, or as editors for new documents. The Secretariat manages such activities as the publication of all Profiles and supporting documentation, updates to the tScheme website, and the meeting schedules and agendas for expert working groups.

There are currently three such expert working groups: Legal & Contracts Group; Profiles & Processes Committee; and Marketing Forum.


Approvals Committee

tScheme Approval is granted by the Approvals Committee - independent of the board and secretariat, this committee is made up of non-TSP tScheme members and user representatives.

Ultimately only this committee can both grant and revoke service Approval, although their decision is based firmly on the recommendation in the Assessor's report.

Committee Members documents (secure directory)