An independent, self-regulatory, scheme such as tScheme provides benefits to each party involved in the e-business equation.

A user or relying party, seeing that a trust service provider's service has independent approval, will know that the service is one of high quality. Technology has moved very quickly, and few completely understand the complex issues. tScheme has managed and arranged all the research and assessment so the relying party does not have to know anything about the trust service they choose, save how to use it, that it meets their needs, and that it has been tScheme approved.

To the Trust Service Provider, independent approval is an effective way of demonstrating that the service has been assessed against the highest quality standards. The tScheme approval Mark is a clear and simple brand that people will come to recognise and have confidence in.

The TSP marketplace is presently quite immature although already competitive, with a mix of established companies and less well-known service providers offering to provide trust services. Approval under an independent scheme can be a significant boost for the credentials of a provider with no previously established market presence.

In summary, tScheme:

  • establishes an independent mark of trust;

  • covers all sectors and means of provision;

  • allows industry to manage itself;

  • is fully receptive and responsive to market pressures;

and encourages co-operation between competitors, with government, and with similar global trust schemes.