tScheme’s Privacy Policy

We collect information in three ways:

(1) Library monitoring form. This is presented on entry to the library. It is not compulsory.

(2) Profiles order form. Profiles are kept in a password protected area. To gain access, you must fill in an online form, confirm your email address, and you will be sent a password.

(3) Website statistics. Data on site traffic is collected through our site hosting system and through third party software. This tracks the IP addresses of visitors and records them. We do not use this data to personally identify users, even if it were possible. This data is purely to measure interest in tScheme, and define approximately the geographical location of the visitors.

tScheme is collecting the information on the two forms discussed in (1) and (2) primarily to monitor the distribution of copyrighted documents. The information could also be used at a later date, by tScheme, to notify people of new documents.

The information will not be passed on to third parties.

tScheme Limited is registered in the UK under the Data Protection Act.