Current level of Membership Fees

tScheme has two categories of membership - the first category covers Micro-enterprises, Community Interest Companies and not_for_profit organisations and the second covers all other organisations.

For this purpose:

The current annual fee for the first category of organisations is 1,000 per annum plus VAT and for the second it is 5,000 per annum plus VAT. The membership rate is reviewed annually at the September meeting of the board of tScheme Limited

All memberships run on a calendar year basis and the fees are applied pro rata on a quarterly basis for the first year of becoming a member. Members are required to give at least six months' notice if they wish to terminate their membership.

Note, at the Board meeting in February 2012 it was ageed that any member having been a member for more than one year at the time of becoming a Registered Applicant of a new service would be able to offset their membership contribution against the initial Approval Fee of any one service awarded a Grant of Approval in that year.






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