Supporting Documentation for tScheme for Police

The following documents have been produced to support assessments under the tScheme for Police model.

The controlling document is ‘tScheme for Police Assessment Procedures’. This in turn calls out the pro forma letters used when applying to tScheme to join the process and those used when submitting an application after a a successful audit. There is also a model document detailing the format of the assessment report that the auditors will use to inform tScheme of the outcome of the assessment.

The assessment itself is carried out against the criteria given in the relevant Approval Profiles as indicated in the Assessment Procedures document. The Profiles are the same as for a normal tScheme audit except that the Base Approval Profile (tSd0111). Copies of the Profiles are available in the normal manner by following the ‘Approval Profiles’ link in the left-hand menu.


tScheme for Police description
tScheme for Police Assessment Procedures - procedures that are required to be followed by all parties participating in the tScheme for Police process (Issue 2.00)
Pro forma letters
tSi0282 Application letter for Police CA (Issue 1.00)
tSi0283 Submission letter for Police CA (Issue 1.00)
tSi0284 Application letter for Police RA (Issue 1.00)
tSi0285 Submission letter for Police RA (Issue 1.00)
Model Assessment Reports
tSd0287 Model tScheme-for-Police Assessment Report (Issue 1.00)