Recognised Certificate Policies


This single document contains the requirements for four separate CPs (Version 1.0):

  • Level 2 Digital Signature PolicyLevel 3 Digital Signature PolicyLevel 2 Confidentiality Policy
  • Level 3 Confidentiality Policy

Supporting Documents

tScheme Compliance process: advice and guidance documents


Required Compliance Procedures - procedures that are required to be followed by all parties participating in tScheme Compliance Assessments (Issue 0.01)
tSi0274_1-00 Guidance for HMG PKI CP Compliance (Issue 1.00)
tSd0276_1-00 Model Compliance Report for HMG PKI (Issue 1.00)
tSi0277_1-00 HMG PKI Compliance Applicant letter (Issue 1.00)
tSd0278_1-00 Model HMG PKI Applicant Agreement (Issue 1.00)